Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing, know also as refer marketing, is a highly popular method of generating money from home, and one of the most profitable and long lasting ways to earn money online.

The idea is that you can sell products of others and earn money for every sell (sometimes you can earn money for each lead you generate or even per click).

Affiliate marketing is a great way of building online business and creating passive income – Because you build once and earn for years.

You can do affiliate marketing in any industry you are interested in: travel, fashion, health, fitness, work from home etc. Many big companies run affiliate programs because they pay only for the profit and this is a great way for them to increase sells and profits – so this is win-win.

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All you need to do is to enroll to the program and you get your own link, for every user that entered your specific link and bought something  you’ll get commission. (usually, even if the user didn’t buy immediately but bought a few days later, you also get the commission, it differs between different affiliate programs, and called “cookies saved”).

One important thing to note is the commission percentage: when you are selling as an affiliate physical products you can expect 1%-5% of the sale, but when you are selling digital products the commission is about 50% and can get as high as 80%, so we recommend digital products operation.

One of the most popular affiliate program platforms is ClickBank, the platform  is a marketplace between affiliates and vendors, they offer thousands of digital products that you can sell as an affiliate, with high commissions.

There are many ways of generating traffic and building your audience, it can be done through Facebook, youtube, creating a blog, creating a mailing lists and more.
If you don’t have any digital assets yet, don’t worry, you can learn how to do it in the courses above, and learn more about digital assets and work from home in the next lessons.

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